Monday, March 21, 2011

New Eyes: Day 13 of 40

We really are having somewhat of an open house here in Dunsmuir,in that the physical doors of our home are and always will be open, welcoming in our friends and family for visits. We love you, and want to share this amazing area with you. We will be your local tour guides, share our favorite spots with you, explore new ones, and we will even cook for you.

In the 7 weeks that we have been living here (we can hardly believe it has already been 7 weeks!!) we have now had 3 lovely visitors. Soon after we arrived, my friend Nahba who lives in Southern Oregon stopped in for dinner one evening. Last week, Lucas' friend, Clint, from Arcata spent a few days with us. And this week, my friend Ursala from Portland is visiting for a few days as well. Visitors warm the home, shift the routine, and provide a level of socialization that is rare in this mountain-living life.

I am so happy my friend is here, providing me with girl-time and someone to share this place with. In showing her around, I am seeing this place with refreshed and new eyes. The excitement of living here, the excitement that I had forgotten about amidst the rain, fog, and snow, is being re-ignited.

A 20 minute drive from my house takes us a couple of miles up Mt. Shasta to where the road is closed. McBride Campground is here. We park the car, unload Ursala's dog Scrumpy, and snowshoe through the deep snow into the alpine trees. Of course, it is amazing. Beautiful. Refreshing air. The sun peeks out through the clouds, revealing the blue, dusting the snow with sparkles and shadows. We climb higher and higher into the snow-coated trees.

It feels good to be moving my body, to be on the mountain, to be enjoying it with a friend. I know I will be sore in the morning, but it will be a good kind of sore. The kind of sore that reminds you of the beauty you experienced to create it.

This is why we are living be able to take a quick drive in order to take a 2 hour snowshoeing adventure. To have so many beautiful places so accessible. While I have been sitting in my home these last days wishing for spring to arrive, for the rain and snow to end, this mountain has been waiting for me to enjoy and experience. My new eyes, seeing through the eyes of my friend who is experiencing this for the first time, remind me of what is here for me to experience every day. This is a special and endlessly wonderful place!

Come visit us, warm our home, and help us rub the sleep from our eyes so we can see new layers of what makes this area what it is. Open your doors to others, and let them guide you, in their newness to your area, to forgotten about gems and special places. Even if they are in your own backyard.

Open up that special bottle of wine or beer you have been saving for a special day, and make an extra-special day out of what would have been an ordinarily wonderful one. Take a moment with loved ones to savor and enjoy these treats, to celebrate your time together.

Tonight, we opened up Full Sail's Black Gold Imperial Stout, a bourbon barrel aged limited edition 1pt 6oz ale. After a delicious meal cooked by our guest (traditional sicilian pasta sauce with spaghetti--yum!), this was a delicious desert that we shared and slowly savored. Thick and maple syrupy, with distinct notes of bourbon, vanilla, and tropical flowers, this beer is a perfect finale to a most wonderful day.

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