Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Motivational Forces: Day 15 of 40 Days

Last Wednesday, a week ago today, I wrote a post that shared with you my List of the Week. I gave myself a week to complete 5 tasks. And today I will follow up with you, letting you know how I was or wasn't able to follow through with my self-assigned tasks. I will also write a new list, for the coming week. I invite you to do the same!

Last Week's List:
1. Call my Grandmother. I did this on Saturday and luckily was able to catch Grandma and John before they left for evening church. We had just enough time to catch up and mutually share the latest in our lives. And it was lovely, as always, to speak with them. They are finally in good health once again, recovered from several bouts of winter illness. I bet as spring continues to unfold, and the sun brings them outdoors more and more, they will feel even better.

2. Finalize wedding guest list. Yep. I think this is done. There may be a few more additions as the days roll on, but for now I think we have it ironed out. Our list is a lot longer than I was anticipating. I always thought I would have a small wedding. But alas, both of us have soooo many awesome people in our lives who are important to us that it looks like we are going to have a big good-time bash. We feel grateful knowing that we will be surrounded by so much love and support on our special day.

3. Plant garden starts in-doors. Nope. This surely didn't happen. I admit, it is hard to motivate to do this when it has been dumping snow every single day for days on end. Lately, when I look outside it is hard to imagine that it is really spring. I talked with a fellow gardener today at my studio about when to plant starts here. She reassured me that it is way to early to do that. She said that the local rule of thumb is to plant your outdoor garden after the snow on the north face of Black Butte has melted. Hmmmm. Based on how it looks now, completely covered in snow, I would think this is a couple of months down the road. Honestly, I find this a little frustrating. In Portland and Texas both, March was when I would start my outdoor garden. When we moved here, we did not know we were signing up for THIS much winter! Other than my snowshoeing adventures, I am so over winter.

4. Go on 4 walks/hikes and do yoga 3 times. I actually went on 5 walks/hikes, yet only did yoga twice. Despite the raging amount of snow, it sure was nice to be outside a lot this week. Walk #1: the railroad hike to Mossbrae falls. Walk #2: 2 mile neighborhood walk to Sketch-ville. Walk #3: 2 mile neighborhood walk to Sketch-ville with Ursala. Walk #4: Snowshoeing on Mt. Shasta with Ursala. Walk #5: Speedwalking in the snow today to get to the bus-stop in time, as well as an additional walk in Mt. Shasta City later in the day. Surprisingly, it is a tiny bit cheaper to ride the county bus to Mt. Shasta than it is to pay for the gas. Plus, it is nicer on the environment.

5. Start new knitting project. I did start the project, but half way through it I determined that it was a lot larger than I wanted it to be. So, I unravelled the yarn and am starting anew.

This Week's List:
1. Finish knitting project.
2. Advertise free infant-massage class more: more fliers and as facebook event.
3. Finish painting bathroom.
4. Apply for 2 online freelance writing jobs.
5. Go on 4 walks/hikes and do yoga 3 times.

And how did your List of the Week go from last week...Chris? Anyone else? Has it felt more motivating to have others like myself hold you accountable for the things you need to get done? I think it is important that we acknowledge what we weren't able to get done, acknowledge the true reason behind not doing it, be easy on ourselves for not doing it, and move on. If it is something that you truely want to do, add it to next week's list.

Thanks for being a motivational force for me! If I hadn't shared my hopes to do these things with you, I probably wouldn't have done most of them. Thank you, once again, for reading and for being in my life.

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