Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check In: Day 8 of 40 Days

We are a week into this crazy task I have put myself up to. And after today, a fifth of the way through. I admit, it has been hard at times to make it happen, but I have, and I have enjoyed it too. It has felt good to reflect and share my thoughts with you. Thank you for reading!

And so I thought I would check in to see how things are going on your end? Are ya'll keeping up with me? Are there any topics you would like to see me write about? Anything you would like to know about the inner workings of Betsy Bee?


There is another task I have in mind for myself that I will share with you too.

Periodically, a friend from Portland and I have gone through periods where we will each create a list of 5 or so things that we would like to accomplish in the next week. Usually these are things that we have been putting off for whatever reason and need a little extra push to make happen. Often items on the list are small steps towards a big goal or dream. We share "The List," as we call it, with each other via email. A week later we check in with each other to see if we have each followed through on our self-assigned tasks, and write a new list.

I got the idea to do this by adapting an activity that I did with my Life Coach a few years ago. (Savannah is awesome and is able to do the coaching sessions over the phone, for anyone interested in having assistance in moving through anything blocking your movement forward in life!) I have found both of these situations extremely helpful in getting more done. For whatever reason, having someone besides myself to hold me accountable for the things I say I am going to do becomes a huge motivational factor. I highly recommend doing something similar.

When I write my list, I try to keep in mind not only what I have been putting off doing, but also the main things I am trying to manifest in life at the moment. I try to have each item on the list be a step towards a different kind of goal or dream. I try to have each item address a different category such as health, creativity, career, relationships, etc.

Here is my List of the week:

* 1 * Plant indoor veggie starts

* 2 * Start new knitting project

* 3 * Go on 4 walks/hikes AND do yoga 3 times

* 4 * Call my grandmother

* 5 * Finalize wedding guest list

All of the above have been on my personal "to do list" for weeks, seriously. No one else sees that list, and so the things don't get done as quickly as they will now that I have shared them publicly.

How about you? Will you share a list of some things you need to accomplish in the next week? We can hold each other accountable. Start small, but think big. Make it a mix of fun and less than fun. And make the list really do-able. Most of all, don't sweat it if all items don't get done. In a week, we can check in again about it all!

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Chris and Mike said...

Well, I have to say that I've been finding your posts very inspiring! I really appreciate your efforts in keeping up with it and I hope you continue even after the 40 days! So I'll give a stab at the list of 5:
1. Draw new tap label
2. Draw papercutting for art museum
3. Mail letter to my friend KJ
4. Get our cars registered in PA!!!
5. Write a new blog entry :)
OK, now I better go write these down! Good luck!