Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big City: Day 17 of 40 Days

It was an oversight on my part that prevented me from writing my blog last night. I was all set to do it right before bed, and then realized that I didn't know the password to the internet network at my friend's house. And that since she was sleeping, I wasn't going to be posting on my blog. I forgot to get that imortlant info before bedtime. To top it all off, I didn't do my meditation yesterday either. Double Party Foul!

So today, to make up for lost time, it looks like I will be blogging twice and meditating twice. Well, we will see about that. Time today is a bit limited.

To make a long story short, yesterday we ended up coming to Portland after all! The weather and the roads cleared up enough to make travel safe late in the morning. We unfortunately missed the 1pm wedding, but were able to make the 7pm reception.

Other than a couple of snowy spots on the road up, it was mostly a beautiful and sunny day. LOTS of rainbows, lots of squinting in the sun. The reception was a fun reunion of lots of friends, fully equipped with a bluegrass band and a squaredancing caller. Yep, we did lots of dancing. It was awesome.

It was interesting that when I decided to surrender all of my plans, the universe made it clear that alternative plans were available. Rather than having to let go fully of my plans, I only needed to let go of part of them. Though I had to miss the ceremony and the exchange of vows, I still got to celebrate with my dear friends and show them my support by being there.

And today, the big city adventure continues.

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