Saturday, September 29, 2012

From Honeymoon to Harvest Baby Moon

Finally, I return to write more.  I have hopes of finishing the tales of our Honeymoon in Thailand before Baby Gram decides to make his or her grand appearance!  We shall see if that is possible.  :)

Well, that is how tonight's post started anyway.  An hour later, I have decided to cross "finish honeymoon blogging" off of my Pre-Baby To-Do List, without actually doing it.  It is very apparent that my window of time to catch up with blog posts about the past is quickly coming to an end.  And since my self-given task of writing about events from 6 months ago has actually prevented me from writing at all, I am choosing to just start where I am now, in the present moment.

Lucas and I sit in the living room with the lights out this evening, letting the surprisingly bright light of the rising full harvest moon cast it's glow on our skin and on the shiny surface of our plants, while sending moon shadows across our wood floors.  We talk about how the harvest moon has come at the perfect time for us, as the baby we have been growing and nurturing for the past 9+ months is about to be born.  And who knows, this harvest of ours could happen tonight or tomorrow night, or next week or the next.  Any day now, any week now.  All I know is that I can't possibly be pregnant 4 weeks from now when the next full moon rises and crosses the sky.  And so this moon cycle, this harvest moon, is our baby's moon. 

We are in the homestretch now, in the waiting phase.  We have all of our baby and birth supplies gathered and organized, all of the projects done that have to be done before baby arrives.  Now we are working on other less important projects, going on date nights while we can, and sitting quietly in the living room enjoying the moonlight, just because we can.  We wait for this little bright glow growing within me to arrive on the outside and light up our lives in surprising and unimaginable ways. 

How will this little being change us?  How will she or he shape our lives?  Is it a girl or a boy?  What will the baby be like and what will it look like?  When will our little munchkin decide to arrive??  The anticipation builds, the curiosity and the readiness to discover who this kid is intensifies every day!  What are your predictions? 

The one thing I know for certain is that after the baby arrives, most of my blog posts are certain to be about Baby Gram and how luminously it lights up our world, much like this beautiful harvest moon tonight. 

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