Saturday, April 3, 2010


At last, the time has come to leave the country for a chunk of time, and journey into a land new to me, into new parts of my ever-searching soul. Tonight, (technically tomorrow morning)at 12:30 a.m., Lucas and I will be boarding a bus headed south of the border, riding it for 19 hours deep into the heart of Mexico! Guadalajara is the first destination, where Lucas' brother lives.

My friends and family who know me well would be impressed to see how lightly I have packed for this 1.5+ month excursion. I am known to pack a large suitcase, and sometimes an additional small suitcase for a 2 week trip (ok, plus 1-2 carry-on items :). For this trip, I have stuffed what I can into a medium backpack and a small shoulder bag, with enough room leftover to bring back a few small momentos when I return to the states.

FYI, my phone has been shut off for the next bit of time. I will be checking my email and facebook at least once a week, maybe more frequently at first. Keep your eyes on this blog for tales from the road. And please, dear friends and family, keep me updated with your happenings and adventures! Let me know how you are and what magic is appearing in your life! It will undoubtably be a comfort to hear from familiar people about even the most regular occurences, helping me to stay connected. So much love to you all!

Until today, this adventure didn't quite seem real. Only now am I feeling the excitement and anticipation reflect their strength through my nerves. I am buzzing! Feeling ALIVE! Feeling the openness of the unknown stretched out before me. Feeling ready to be in the flow, open to new experiences, and push through some unrealistic insecurities. YES, I am feeling alive in the mystery!

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