Friday, February 12, 2010

You Know You're In Texas When....

Public art at the gates of a huge shopping center consist of towering two-story tall cowboyboot sculptures.

Landscaping involves lots of pale rocks and cacti.

Chinese food is served with tortilla chips.

Every single driver who passes you by while you are on a walk gives you a courteous wave.

The only hippy you see for weeks is in the mirror (ok, and the man you are visiting:).

People say, "Nice to know you!" instead of, "Nice to meet you!"

People say, "I put the guacamole up," instead of, "I put the guacamole away."

Mail is delivered in a jeep totally devoid of USPS insignia.

You receive a slight sunburn in February.

Street signs are often either inaccurate or totally missing.

Dogs who have recently been quarantined by Animal Control for biting humans are allowed by owners to roam their neighborhood.

One can buy a leather bag to carry one's cowboyboots in. This bag is in the shape of cowboyboots. For reals.

Wearing a cowboy hat is a fashion statement, and is not done just for the function of shading the face from the sun..

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betsy bee said...

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